Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What You Need To Know About Mold

By Jamie Shelley

Mold is one of the worst household issues that a residential or commercial property owner has to handle. However, learning more about what mold is and how to remove it from your home setting can provide peace of mind and preclude you from experiencing unwanted health complications and financial waste. Learn more about mold by reading this short outline:

Mold: A Brief Overview
Mold is a fungus that thrives in humid and damp settings within the natural environment. However, mold can also begin to grow and proliferate within a residential property. Mold growth takes place when your home environment becomes damp and moist due to factors like water damage. Unfortunately, American property owners pay millions of dollars in medical and repair bills.

In large commercial buildings, mold is most prevalent on exterior wall surfaces and in corner rooms. Mold thrives in these regions of the property because they usually have higher levels of humidity than adjacent rooms. Once the humidity within a building is 70% or higher, the conditions for mold growth are ideal. However, it's important to know that levels of low humidity in a warm room are also capable of facilitating a habitable region for fungi growth.

More Reasons That Mold Grows In Buildings 
There are several more reasons that mold can start to grow in buildings. Some of them include: 
• Condensation
• Roof leaks
• Plumbing leaks
• Delayed maintenance
• Improper sealing around the window
• Inadequate ventilation

Mold Control and Prevention
Keeping a building dry and free of humidity is the key to mold prevention. This means ensuring proper air circulation, ventilation, humidity levels and temperatures. Some companies with persistently wet or humid conditions, such as those in the marine or food industries, may find that HVAC systems and other essential mold-preventing techniques are not enough. You want to keep the relative humidity in a room or building low.

SERVPRO: Your First Choice For Mold Elimination 
Although mold serves an important function in the natural world, it does not belong on your residential or commercial property. If you find that you've been subjected to mold damage, there's only one company to call for fast, efficient remediation services: SERVPRO of South Nashville. Our IICRC-certified team will use the latest methodologies and most cutting edge equipment to eliminate quickly and correctly all unwanted mold from your property. We're ready to get your home or office space back in safe, sanitary condition today, so call today.  

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Preventing Mold Damage After a Sump Pump Fail in Nashville

By Jamie Shelley

 7 Nov. 2014

If you live or own a property in an area that is prone for flooding, you've likely had a sump pump installed for additional protection. Sump pumps essentially provide an extra sense of security to residential or commercial properties in Nashville. It is ideally responsible for moving excess waters away from a property. This water does not necessarily have to be the direct result of a natural disaster, but can result from rain, snow, or even a busted pipe. However, when problems arise with the sump pump, property owners need to be proactive in remedying the issue before costly damages and mold damage are incurred.

Flood Damage or Mold Damage and Its Effects on Buildings

Mold damage in a home
Without giving thought to anything other than flood waters, it can do an excessive amount of damage to the structure of any building in Nashville. Water that is allowed to accumulate and sit for more than a day or so can begin to cause significant concern for mold growth and mold damage. Toxic mold growing on any part of a building can begin to eat away at the infrastructure not to mention cause a great deal of health issues for residents/occupants in the building. Mold remediation services are the only solution to remove the mold damage safely from the property.

Hire a Mold Specialist or Inspector Immediately

In order to get a full understanding of the amount of mold potentially growing in your property you should first seek the services of a home inspector or mold specialist in Berry Hill. They should complete a very thorough examination of the property and test any areas with mold damage right away. This will provide you with a detailed idea of the types of mold present in the home. This report also provides mold remediation specialist with a detailed idea of what tasks need to be completed to successfully remove the mold damage from the property.

Why Not Just Call a Mold Removal Company for Mold Damage?

While it might be tempting to cut out the middle man and immediately contact a mold remediation company for your mold damage in Nashville it is important to consider the consequences. A property in Forest Hills needs to first be tested by a third party professional to ensure that the mold damage remediation process is carried out effectively. Consumers are provided with a more honest and complete testing phase which is pertinent to the final results. This way there is no conflict of interest and consumers can rest assure that the job has been completed without any tampering or dishonesty.

Hiring a Certified Mold Remediation Company

After you've received a thorough inspection of the mold damage from a home inspector or mold specialist, you can then hire a certified and licensed mold remediation company for both mold damage and water damage removal. When searching for a reliable company in Oak Hill be sure that you check to ensure that they are trained and certified, as mishaps during the mold damage removal process can lead to serious health risks and dangers for your property. Check within your locality to find out what the qualifications are as it pertains to licensing and certification.

So the next time your sump pump begins to malfunction, don't hesitate to reach out to mold experts right away. Prolonged periods of still water can lead to significant water damage and mold damage not only to your property in Nashville, but to your health. Taking the time to contact the right professionals in a specific order can assure you get the best possible service all around.

SERVPRO of South Nashville Professionals provide fire damage, mold damage and water damage restoration services. SERVPRO of South Nashville proudly serves Nashville, Berry Hill, Forest Hills, Oak Hill, and surrounding areas. We are available 24 hours/7 days a week and are ready to restore damage to your home or commercial structure.

Mold damage can present serious health concerns and can spread quickly through your home or business if left unchecked. SERVPRO of Wilson/Nashville Professionals utilize proven mold remediation techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to protect you and your property. SERVPRO Professionals can assist you with:
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